DNA Test
DNA Test
DNA Test

DNA Test

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The most advanced at-home nutrigenetics DNA test. Analyze 50+ genes that are research-proven to influence key nutritional needs.

This test guides dosing for all 19 nutrients in our precision-personalized micronutrient solution. The results of the test and your ideal doses are also displayed in your customer dashboard.

  • At-home cheek swab test
  • Results ready in 3-5 weeks
  • Analyze 50+ research-validated gene variants
  • Learn nutrients you need more of and less of
  • Learn which nutrients can be harmful
  • Receive precise doses of 19 nutrients for your body

Your health data (DNA, lifestyle, and formulation) is 100% private. We make a commitment to you that your data will never be sold to a third party or used for any reason other than to create and perfect your personalized health products. We take data privacy and security compliance seriously and employ leading technical measures to keep your personal data secure.

    First, you purchase the Personalized Micronutrients. Next, you are prompted to complete the Lifestyle Quiz, which creates your personalized dashboard. This is where you see your micronutrient recommendations and learn about your body.

    The Rootine journey revolves around the concept of Test 🠒 Take 🠒 Track.

    • Test - Complete a DNA Test and/or Lifestyle Test (free) to learn about your unique cellular health needs.
    • Take - Use your daily personalized micronutrient formula to optimize your cellular health. ~95% of our members buy the micronutrients with their DNA test.
    • Track - Your dashboard is a tracking tool where you can see real improvements as you the lifestyle assessment and answer survey questions.

    If you want to start with just a DNA test, that's fine too. You can always add the Personalized Micronutrients later.

    You can also upload data (e.g. 23andMe and AncestryDNA) that you already have instead of taking another test.

      Our laboratories, nutrient sourcing, and custom-formula manufacturing are the finest in the industry.

      • Nutrient sourcing is performed by Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer PhD.
      • Certified ISO 9001, 15189, 22000, 22716 medical-genetics laboratory.
      • All nutrients undergo rigorous in-house testing, including multiple quality / purity / contamination checks from raw material to finished product.
      • All nutrients have clinically-demonstrated safety and efficacy.
      • 3rd-party testing is performed by NSF and Institut Kurz laboratory.
      • Nutrients have a Banned Substance Free Guarantee (tested by NSF).