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Rootine is built on 10+ years of nutrigenetic science, technology, and algorithm / AI development. The genetic variants we analyze must reach medical-grade bar-of-proof to impact nutrient requirements humans. More than 400 peer-reviewed studies back our method and we've brought medical-grade testing to you - at a fraction of the cost.

tldr: Nutrigenetics: science of how your genes influence which nutrients you need. DNA Test (50+ gene variants) are processed in our licensed medical genetics lab.



Our Method

A U-shaped curve describes when too much - or too little - of something has a negative impact. In essence, it describes a nutrient "sweet spot" - which is different for every person. We identify your ideal range and dose for each nutrient and deliver it in a bespoke daily formula.

The science of nutrigenetics powers our method. Nutrigenetics is the science of how slight genetic variations, inherited from your parents, impact how your body absorbs and metabolizes nutrients.


Understanding DNA and Nutrition

Common variations in your genetic code impact how you absorb, distribute, metabolize, and excrete key vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional substances. These slight variations are called single nucleotide polymorphisms (abbreviated “SNPs”) and alter the way the gene product is built. Slight variations in the corresponding enzymes and receptors adversely impact their function. The Rootine DNA Test analyzes 50+ gene variants that are research proven to impact nutrient needs.

  • 11% of people have a SNP in their VDR gene, which creates the Vitamin D Receptor. This variation results in a less efficient binding between vitamin D and the receptor. Carriers need ~2x more vitamin D.
  • 85% of people have SNPs in their MTHFR gene, which creates the enzyme that activates folate. These variations reduce the efficiency of this enzyme. Carriers often need pre-activated folate (methylfolate).
  • 0.5% of people have SNPs in their HFE gene which alters the way the body regulates iron absorption. Carriers absorb far too much iron which becomes poisonous to their body. All iron is removed from their formula.


Tests & Data

Our DNA Test analyzes 50+ SNPs (single nucleotide polymorpisms) that are proven to impact nutrient needs due to the influence on nutrient absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and receptor function. All gene variants adhere to our medical-grade bar of proof to impact nutrient needs: 3 different studies by 3 different researchers in 3 different test populations (3x3x3 min.).

Tests are analyzed in our licensed medical-genetics laboratory certified ISO 9001, 15189, and 22000 - boasting 100% genetic testing accuracy over 10 years, determined by an external proficiency program. Your data is 100% private and secure.